Scarlett Lewis’ son, Jesse, was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the biggest school shooting in U.S. history. At first, she said, she felt like her anger sapped all her strength and energy.”

Shortly after the tragedy Scarlett heard from a social worker who had also lost her son. “I know how it feels” the social worker said, “I’m here to tell you the pain will never get better.” It was in that moment that Scarlett realized she had a decision to make.

What could possibly take away the pain of a mother who has lost her son? Could there be any answer to the bitterness and resentment she must have felt?

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  • Rina Vanderlingen

    Your message today on forgiveness hit close to home. One summer, years ago, my son Chris signed up to play adult soccer with reach forth in Hamilton. After his first game he experienced pain in his thigh. He figured it was a strained muscle. But he never played another soccer game. A misdiagnosis at the doctor resulted in treatment that was contrary to what was needed for the true ailment. Finally he was diagnosed with cancer in his leg. He endured horrendous chemo, radiation, and surgery. 4 years later he died. I have had to forgive the doctors, ‘the system’, friends, family members… None of us knew how to deal with this. But through it all, I found God to be incredibly close, loving and faithful!! I found Him to be One who was utterly trustworthy, and I could trust Him with all my questions and pain. Now, whenever someone says to me “sorry”, I will not respond with “it’s OK”. Because what they did was not OK! Forgiveness says “It was not OK, but I will not hold it against you.” Sometimes it’s hard to forgive, but look what it cost Jesus so that I could be forgiven!

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