Kent Nurburn was working as a taxi driver when a call at 2:30 am helped change his perspective on life forever. The call took him to an unassuming building in the quiet part of town. As Kent made his way to the address he thought about the possible customers that he might have been going to pick up- partiers, a late night fight, a shift worker. As he arrived at the building it was completely dark except for one light on the ground floor. At first no one came outside to the car. Kent could have waited for a minuted, honked the horn, and then taken off had there been no sign of activity… in fact that’s what many people would do in the same situation. Instead, he decided that going out of his way for a few minutes wasn’t that big of a deal so he shut off the car, went up to the door, and knocked.

We all have commitments, schedules, expectations to meet, hopes, goals, and priorities. When was the last time you allowed those things to be interrupted for another person?

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    Best exchange video yet! Loved it! So compelling!

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